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History, art, culture, nightlife and breathtaking views: welcome to Perugia!

Visiting Perugia is a little bit like visiting several cities at once, at the moment that it hides different spirits, everything is to be discovered and everything is able to bewitch you!Its old town center (unusual for the most populous Italian cities) is located at a height that in the highest point of Porta Sole reaches 450 meters. Around this point spreads the rest of the city onto the nearby hills. This particular formation, rendered even more evocative by the double city walls (Etruscan and Medieval), is one of the characteristics of Perugia, which makes it unique and beautiful.

Not to be missed

Piazza IV Novembre
Here is where the city’s heart beats, represented by the fascinating Fontana Maggiore, a precious example of medieval sculpture.
Cattedrale di San Lorenzo
You can immediately see that the main Church of the archdiocese of Perugia-Città della Pieve has an unusual feature: the main façade faces Piazza Danti, while the lateral façade faces Piazza Maggiore (Piazza IV Novembre). Both façades remained incomplete but they have extremely valuable characteristics, such as the Loggia di Braccio of the lateral façade and the baroque style gate of the main façade.
Palazzo dei Priori
A fantastic example of a public palace from the Italian communal age. The entrance is from Piazza Maggiore but the building then extends along Corso Vannucci, one of the most beautiful and important streets of the city.
Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria
On the third floor of Palazzo dei Priori you can visit the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, which houses sublime works of Umbrian art and some of the most significant works of central Italian art, from the XIII to the XIX century. In addition to masterpieces such as the Polittico di Sant'Antonio painted by Piero della Francesca, naturally great importance is given to the Perugino and to the Pinturicchio, the pride of this territory.
Typical dishes and snacks
Cured hams, salamis, cheeses and meats are truly the star attractions of the table in Perugia.  You definitely have to pair them with the "torta al testo", a flatbread made of flour, water and olive oil, that you can try with truffle based recipes, another typical Umbrian product.
Enjoy the evening
Perugia is the leading University seat for foreigners in Italy, meaning that it is always very lively and captivating. In the many bars of the city center it is always possible to find the right spot, with a varied and trendy selection!
Naturally there are many other marvels to see and discover, such as the cellars of Rocca Paolina, the Pozzo Etrusco(Etruscan Well) or the Oratorio di San Bernardino. You just need to walk slowly on the the characteristically steep medieval city streets because at every corner you may be surprised by a beautiful detail that stands out.
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