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Our olive oil

Homemade extra virgin olive oil: when you touch nature with your hands

Take advantage of your next holiday in Umbria to try an excellent extra virgin olive oil from Lake Trasimeno! At the Farmhouse La Fattoria del Rio di Sopra, we actually directly produce and sell extra virgin olive oil.

The secret to our oil

Most importantly we are moved by huge love and respect for the territory and nature. Therefore here it is easy to find yourself in centuries old olive groves, cultivated also in areas not ideal for harvest, which is carried out by hand or with the help of compressed air vibrating shakers (also known as pickers).
The most common cultivars present on our farm are FrantoioMoraiolo, Leccino and Dolce Agogia typical of Lake Trasimeno.

No to chemicals, yes to nature

Thanks to the low density of the plants and the diverse cultivation, our olives have very few health issues and the percentage of infestation of olive fruit flies is constantly monitored, so as to avoid chemical intervention on our trees. The olives, on the same day in which they are gathered, or at the latest the following morning, are brought to the olive press. Here, with the use of mechanical methods, precious extra virgin olive oil that you will learn to love is extracted.
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