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Città della Pieve

In the city of Perugino time seems to stand still

In the Lake Trasimeno district, Città della Pieve is one of the most visited hamlets. It owes its fame to the undeniable splendors of its alleys and its prestigious palaces and churches, but also to Perugino, as it is his place of birth.
La Rocca
The skirmishes between Guelphs and Ghibellines led to the origin of this fortress, located at the center of Città della Pieve. It was built in 1322 when Perugia was looking for a better way to control the city, following constant uprisings.
Palazzo della Corgna
In front of the Cathedral in Città della Pieve stands the most important palace, the Palazzo della Corgna, which mirrors the importance of this family in the city’s history.
The city is also famous for its production of saffron, the main ingredient in many local dishes.
Vicolo Baciadonne
Here is where you find the right touch of quirkiness during your visit to Città della Pieve. Did you know that this is one of the narrowest streets in Italy? It would be the best place to bring your sweetheart: it is inevitable that you will exchange a kiss!
Go back in time
We also suggest simply strolling peacefully in the small streets near the old walks, where there are no cars. It seems like time has stopped and it gives the place a unique feeling.
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